Sunday, 16 June 2013


I want to share these photos in my blog for the readers to know that I'm very lucky to have them in my life.
They never let me down, (as far as I know) HAHAHA! But for sure they made me smile not only for a second but every second that were together. :>
FYI.guys, this is not the only friends I got, these are just a random photos.
HAHA.super friendly I am.
Pennie, Charm, Rhia, Julie, Alexi, Me and new friend?
I forgot his name. Im not good at names e? :P
It is during the birthday celebration of JULIE  at CENTRAL Mandaluyong City.

After the first picture at the same day, I went to my BFF's @ Starbucks Araneta. It is almost 11-12am when I got there. But its okay, I miss them alot, most of all Dominique. So lets introduce them.
Raiza, Me, Dom and Dominique

And how about this picture? Oh, These are my moments with my baklang bffs :)
We  used to call each other, "bakla" as a term of "friend". Sounds awkward, coz we're not gay, but we act like a gay. You know, the language we used, its kinda gay language. But we're not against to gays. We love them so much. :)
So another picture with Raiza wearing the Floral Outfit, while the other girl is Elaine.
BTW. Credits to Elaine for this wonderful collage.

This last picture is taken at my University, so they are my close friends at Rizal Technological University. :)
They are very supportive friends, fun, caring and most of all jolly people I ever known @ RTU. They always made my day even brighter. I miss them so much. (Actually, this post is in my drafts, I cant post because of upload failed, Its stays in the draft for how many months? I made this when I was a student? maybe early 2013? and now? I graduated college na! :)) so I really miss them. )
Btw.Using the picture on the bottom when we are siiting.
Kim, Kelly, Me, Cindy and Cecille

Baby (CG)

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