Sunday, 16 June 2013

The long wait is over-

I came back with the vengeance. lols. No...I'm just inspired to post again in my blog because my idols:
Camille Co, Patricia Prieto, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.
I want to finish all this photos stuck in my album for my blogs. I want to enjoy the not so busy life by doing what I love. Super love ko nga e. kaya kahit 03:35 AM na, I'm still up, just to make this come back blog. heehee. :3
I do have so many things to blog, but right now, I want to sleep na. Because this machine is making me dizzy na.hahahaha.

So wait for me later. And here, just a quick glance of me a while ago. Here's my selfie mode. :)

Baby (CG)


I want to share these photos in my blog for the readers to know that I'm very lucky to have them in my life.
They never let me down, (as far as I know) HAHAHA! But for sure they made me smile not only for a second but every second that were together. :>
FYI.guys, this is not the only friends I got, these are just a random photos.
HAHA.super friendly I am.
Pennie, Charm, Rhia, Julie, Alexi, Me and new friend?
I forgot his name. Im not good at names e? :P
It is during the birthday celebration of JULIE  at CENTRAL Mandaluyong City.

After the first picture at the same day, I went to my BFF's @ Starbucks Araneta. It is almost 11-12am when I got there. But its okay, I miss them alot, most of all Dominique. So lets introduce them.
Raiza, Me, Dom and Dominique

And how about this picture? Oh, These are my moments with my baklang bffs :)
We  used to call each other, "bakla" as a term of "friend". Sounds awkward, coz we're not gay, but we act like a gay. You know, the language we used, its kinda gay language. But we're not against to gays. We love them so much. :)
So another picture with Raiza wearing the Floral Outfit, while the other girl is Elaine.
BTW. Credits to Elaine for this wonderful collage.

This last picture is taken at my University, so they are my close friends at Rizal Technological University. :)
They are very supportive friends, fun, caring and most of all jolly people I ever known @ RTU. They always made my day even brighter. I miss them so much. (Actually, this post is in my drafts, I cant post because of upload failed, Its stays in the draft for how many months? I made this when I was a student? maybe early 2013? and now? I graduated college na! :)) so I really miss them. )
Btw.Using the picture on the bottom when we are siiting.
Kim, Kelly, Me, Cindy and Cecille

Baby (CG)

Monday, 11 March 2013


I wonder how it feels to have a twin sister? maybe we're like cats and dogs because I don't think that we would be so much alike. Sadly I didn't have the chance to have a twin. So the only thing I can do is this. :)
Maybemy children would be twins, how I wish.
hahaha! (bhebeyb I know you can do it, it runs in your blood.)

Sunday, 10 March 2013

And because I miss eating..

Because of my hectic schedule at school and office, I rarely go to restaurants, and what is the most resto I miss? ITS BANAPPLE! :)
This photo is taken last June 13, 2012. It was our 17th Monthsary.Hoping to have breakfast there by tomorrow.haha! agad agad?
Maybe this coming 26th monthsary, we don't have plans pa e. Here's another pictures at banapple baby. <3
Another shot at birthday lunch of bhebeyb <3
Were so hungry talaga, and look at the picture we ordered too much that we cannot eat.
(Why is it too slow to attach a picture?)
maybe it's time for me to sleep.I'll post again later.

PS. don't be too harsh on me.
xoxo, I'm just being myself. <3


Guys I'm back,but it doesn't mean that class is totally over. Let's say that were waiting for the graduation nalang. :) So lets make a new post na? I really miss posting here at blogspot.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

wait for my next post if I do have time.
Im so so so busy at school.
so please wait for me? :P
Thanks! :>

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Random 2012 pictures~

I just like having too many pictures, just like in year 2012.
here is my outfits, mostly when I go to church and having a night party.
You can distinguish where is for church, because I don't wear shorts or anything disrespectful outfit to God.
I'm a type of person that respect church, their rules and mostly GOD. So I do wear pant, as simple as that. But I do love shorts, because my legs is my best asset. lols! hahaha! So I always wear that if I'm going out with my friends. :) And speaking with friends, I do have circle of friends, we called our group CHIKITINGS,it means that, we are not yet a lady, we are such a kid? baby? child? because we act like a kid, but the best is that we have the same perspective, likes and even sense of humor. I love bonding with them, they are best of the best. <3 Here is a sample picture with them.
Zillah, Janine, Me & Julea

 We are not only the CHIKITINGS, there's more, we are about 9 in a group, but we are the only that is active. The other's are just busy in school works. Coz you know, we love to have fun while spending our College life. :>

PS. don't be too harsh on me.
xoxo, I'm just being myself. <3