Wednesday, 14 November 2012

2011 Compilation :))

Random Photo of me last year (2011)

No one beats my vanity. hahaha! I'm so vain and those pictures are only 2% of my picture through out the whole year! :P I'm a "galang tao", I always want to go in malls, party, bar, anywhere that can make me happy. Being inside the house is so boring. lalo na't I'm the only child, I'm always alone at our house it's kinda boring and sad. Wherever I go, I want to have a comfy and yet fashionable outfit.
The first picture on the upper left, when I'm with a poster of big bottle of SAN MIG.hahaha! Me having a night life at Eastwood with my sis Lea. :> Wearing maong shorts by Mudds and simple yellow shirt from Landmark, And my black heels from Tiange.
The next picture, I'm wearing checkered red and black polo from Landmark and my black shorts from Tiange. And my favorite black flats from Grendha. I didn't wear heels because were going to STAR CITY! The rides requires a lot of energy, so wore flats.hahaha!
The third picture in upper right is when my boyfriend and I went to MOA, just have a date, so I wore a casual yet sexy outfit. A while polo from Tiange and my faded mini shorts from Mudds. And my black flats from Grendha.
The picture in the lower left part, is when we went to Nuvali and other places in Laguna. Thiat plant tour is the best memory I've done, yet the worse memory done to me. O_o Just wearing our Management Shirt, pants and as always my black flats. I didn't enjoy the whole tour with some personal reasons but its nice naman. :]
The middle picture in the lower part, it was Zillah's birthday, I wore a dress from ??? I forgot? But the heels from St. Francis Square. We celebrated her birthday in Eastwood, area 05 in Timog, in Padis Point in Tomas Morato. We Chikitings had so so so much fun.LOLS :> 
The last picture in the right corner is when we celebrated our 9th Monthsary in Trinoma, I;m just wearing pink top and black cover up from Landmark and my wedge are from Tiange. 
What a lovely memories given to me by the year 2011. hahaha! :))

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PS. don't be too harsh on me.
xoxo, I'm just being myself. <3

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