Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bench Vanity

19th Birthday of my Bhebeyb. <3
July 10, 2011
We celebrated it by watching movie (TRANSFORMERS). Playing @ Timezone. Lunch @ Sbarro.
My outfit is a simple dress from Tiange. how was that? hehehe. :) While he's looking @ Bench, I took a picture of myself in a fitting room. hahaha. just what others do. :P daba? Many of the vain people like that pose, holding a camera and taking pictures of themselves. so, therefore I conclude, I'm one of them and I'M SUPERB VAIN. hehe!

vanitty @ Sbarro Glorietta 5 :3
Sayang, when we ate there but we didn't brought the graham cale I made for the birthday boy. We don't have desserts tuloy. :O

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PS. don't be too harsh on me.
xoxo, I'm just being myself. <3

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