Wednesday, 14 November 2012

April 13, 2011

Celebrating our 3rd Monthsary. <3
MIX and MATCH?hahaha! Just wearing faded shorts, spagetti top from St. Francis Square, hanging see-thru top from Edsa Central and stockings from SM. For my red shoes from City Girl, Landmark and my glow in the dark BALLERS. I just mix them, and suddenly this outfit came
I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY. all I know, I love my boyfriend so much. :">

Here's our picture while making tambay @ Serendra :>
HAHAHAHAHA. first picture of him posted in my blog, it's kinda old picture of us.
It's been 20 months, when we took that picture.hahaha! kaya matagal na kami no! :))

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PS. don't be too harsh on me.
xoxo, I'm just being myself. <3

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