Thursday, 15 November 2012

Someone I used to know O.o

I released my album this last January 13, 2012.
LOLS! hahaha!
So i do have pictures for my album, an album cover and other pictures included in the album. Here some pictures taken by someone I used to know. I don't want to name them, because past is past. :))


The first picture is my DP in twitter, I just love that one, because my PEG is ANNE CURTIS. :P
I made my album just like the album of Anne, I sang her songs.
just try to listen on my debut song: and enjoy! hahaha! FYI. in my school, they call me ANNE CORTEZ because I'm imitating Anne nga diba? :))
That's only a preview on my album, maybe next year? I'll make a new one? hahahaha!
I just need support from my friends and family. <3

Please do visit my page:

PS. don't be too harsh on me.
xoxo, I'm just being myself. <3

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